Add the wow factor with spectacular stage lighting

Stage lighting is the difference between putting on a great show and a spectacular and memorable show. Stage lighting makes a huge difference in creating the wow factor to any performance.

There are a host of different stage lighting to make your performance shine. From lanterns, moving lights, LED lights, colour changers, controllers and desks, dimmers and distribution, lighting effects, lamps, lighting outdoor domes and lighting stands.

Long throw or short throw lanterns are mainly used as spotlights to ensure your leading performers or hosts are kept illuminated. Either for television or cinema shooting or live stage performance. Lanterns are stage lighting that uses intelligent spotlight technology where the beam angle can be switched if there is a built in wide angle lens therefore making them suitable for ranges approximately 15 and 50 metres. Long throw lanterns are suitable for long distances whereas short throw followspot lanterns are ideal for a more powerful and luminous effect. If budget is a major factor when choosing stage lighting, then you could invest in a basic yet powerful lantern ideal for low budget entertainment needs without compromising on the professionalism available on more advanced stage lighting equipment.

There is a wide range of lighting effects stage lighting available for your show. From UV lighting, strobe lighting, lasers, mirror balls, gobo rotators, irises, scrollers, display lighting, image projectors, star cloths, mood lighting and external lighting.

To create multiple colour light displays for a disco or club effect, stage lighting moving scanner beams create a spectacular shower of light. The colour of the beams can typically be changed by adding optional colour filters. Beams with moving and barrel mirrors shine the spectrum of colours around the room creating fantastic lighting effects.

Rack mount dimmers offer a cost effective and versatile light staging solution. The lights are designed to be rack mounted, installed or carried making them suitable for amateur or professional education or TV purposes.



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