Persian Rugs: How to Choose a High Quality Persian Rug

Persian rugs are a special type of rug which originates from Iran. A traditional persian rug is carefully hand woven using silk fibres. If you are thinking of purchasing a Persian rug then you will want to ensure that it is high quality. This articles provides some top tips that will help you to pick the best rug for your needs.




The first thing you will need to consider is the size of the carpet. You can measure the space on the floor where you want to carpet to be positioned. Some people also like to display their Persian carpets on the wall. Write your measurements down so you can refer to them when you are shopping for your rugs. There are two main sizes of rugs: Farsh / Qa-li rugs which refer to anything that is greater than 6×4 feet in size, while Qa-licheh is anything that is sized 6×4 feet and smaller. There are also nomadic rugs which can be any size.




Persian rugs are often made in an elaborate, symmetrical design which usually centers around a mandala that is positioned in the middle of the rug. They are available in a large range of designs and patterns. The colours are typically rich and deep earthy tones, such as reds and browns. You should try and pick a carpet that complements the style of the room that you are placing it into. High quality rugs are made from silk threads, but lower priced rugs may use a cheaper alternative.




Another thing to consider is the age of the rug. It is possible to purchase antique Persian rugs. The worlds most expensive Persian rug was sold for $33 million at an auction in New York. That particular rug was originally made in the 17th century. Older carpets will typically cost more than newer carpets.


When you are purchasing any type of Persian rug you should only ever buy it directly from a reputable dealer to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality and authentic rug.



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