The perfect place to buy Ballet Shoes

How do you buy Ballet Shoes and a Ballet Leotard for a seven-year old child? That’s the predicament we faced recently when our daughter decided it was time to take up ballet! A few of her school friends were taking ballet lessons and they’d sold her on the idea. We didn’t rush out and buy Ballet Shoes straight away. We took our daughter along to watch at first before we spent money on Ballet Shoes or a Ballet Leotard. Kids have a habit of changing their mind, our daughters does it all the time so there was no way we’d splash the cash on Ballet Shoes without doing a little groundwork first.

Having decided ballet was the best thing since sliced bread our little one was keen to push on with ballet lessons. So we decided to take the plunge and buy a nice pair of Ballet Shoes along with a Ballet Leotard too. The thing that grabs you when you shop for Ballet Shoes is the sheer amount of choice. We’d never bought dance shoes before so we asked the teacher at the ballet school for a little advice. She gave us some great tips about Ballet Shoes and even told us about a brilliant online store. It sold Ballet Shoes and dance accessories in general and had a gorgeous Ballet Leotard for our little ballerina!

The site in question was called Dancing Daisy and it’s the perfect place to shop for Ballet Shoes. They have tons of tap shoes and the most beautiful Ballet Shoes you could ever discover. Their website is simple to navigate and you’ll find it at if you require Ballet Shoes for a budding ballerina. The great thing about this online store is the prices are amazing so you don’t have to spend a fortune on dance shoes if you don’t want to. We found a gorgeous pair of pink satin Ballet Shoes that came with a with full leather suede sole. The handy thing about the shoes is they are already fitted with pre-sewn elastics and they have a drawstring for tightening which ensures they are the perfect fit.

Our daughter loves her new dance shoes and when she outgrows them we’ll shop for more at online.



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