Bring the house down with stunning stage lighting

How much attention do you pay to the stage lighting when you go to see a play or stage musical? Most of the audience will be too engrossed in the production to give the stage lighting any thought. It’s the same for special effects. We tend to concentrate on the performers without giving stage lighting and special effects any thought. This is a shame really because without the stage lighting the performance wouldn’t be as good. Plays, musicals and any stage production need stage lighting to support the actors and performers who are front of house. You can set the scene with stage lighting and create special effects that add to the overall performance. So you can see why theatre companies choose stage lighting with care when they are buying new equipment for stage shows.

There are different types of stage lighting used by theatre companies and each single light plays a very important part. Overhead lanterns are common types of lighting for the stage and they are quite often used as spotlights to highlight specific performers during a production run. Moving heads are other kinds of stage lighting and they can be used as washlights that create beautiful and rather dynamic effects. Colour changing stage lighting is also available and this can play a vital part during a performance helping to create a wealth of special effects. A combination of stage lighting really brings the house down and makes sure stage productions are a total success.

From time to time the lighting in theatres needs replacing and that’s a good time to contact theatre supply companies. They sell a wide range of products designed for the stage and the screen and all aspects of production and performance in general. Backstage Warehouse is one of the best in the industry. They stock every kind of lighting equipment you can think of and it’s a brilliant place to shop for special effects as well. Take a look at their well-stocked website and you’ll discover a world of lighting that’s destined for the stage.

Stage productions wouldn’t the same without lighting and special effects. If you run a theatre company and need lights or other products to assist with a stage performance take a look at and you’ll find everything you need for opening night.



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