Soften your home with modern rugs

In recent years wooden, tiled and laminate floors are replaced carpets in homes across the globe. Giving a more modern and contemporary look and feel, these types of floors are also a dream to clean. However, many home owners feel they can lack a little warmth and colour. This is where modern rugs step in to offer the perfect solution.

A fantastic alternative to fully carpeted floors, modern rugs are a fantastic centre piece to any room. Available in a huge range of patterns and colours you’ll easily find one that complements the colour scheme and style of your room. A heavily patterned rug is perfect for a minimalistic room with natural colours and low key accessories. It’s a great way to add a bit of personality and colour to your room without overwhelming it. Choose a low key, subtle rug for a room that’s already accentuated by loud colours and bold wallpaper.

Modern rugs offer a bit of luxury and comfort to your home. Warm and cosy, they’re perfect for sitting on when the weather turns chilly, especially if placed in front of a roaring fire. They’re also a great soft play area for the kids, keeping them safe from bumps and tumbles, something which hard flooring is not ideal for. Placing a stylish coffee table on of a rug can really help to accentuate it.

Before purchasing rugs for your home you need to ensure you choose top quality ones. Rugs are a hard working part of your home so you need to ensure longevity. Look for hand knotted or hand tufted rugs made from 100% wool. You’ll also want a tough base that’s designed to last.

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