Are you looking for survey equipment?

if you are looking for survey equipment you may be interested in robust, water tight and accurate laser levels, construction and survey equipment. Such as rotary laser levels, builder total stations, dumpy levels, machine guidances, moisture meters, pipe lasers, cable locators and laser distance measures. Whether you need the survey equipment for your profession or for renovation work around the home, you can find the equipment suitable for your budget and needs.

There are plenty of options from entry level devices through to advanced devices that are highly accurate and ideal for professional use.

Popular measuring and survey equipment tend to come from a Leica Geosystem agent and warranty centre. Who also offer training, specialist product advice, demonstrations and trials of the different type of survey equipment devices.

Laser measure survey equipment allows you to measure outside or indoors. There are outdoor laser devices that allow you to measure easily outside even in bright sunlight. The digital screens makes height and distance measurements a simple operation without leaving the ground. You can choose the measuring range from as far as 200metres which suits almost every situation or environment.

Or you may need survey equipment that measures hard to access areas, easy to use and robust enough to use in dusty or wet areas without damaging the device. If you need a fast working laser device, the speed of measuring distances may be extremely important to get the job done faster. There are survey equipment that can correctly and automatically measure of both light and dark surfaces quickly and efficiently.

A laser level projects very bright lines along walls and ceilings accurate to the millimetre so you can leave your hands free to get on with your work. This self levelling laser device is popular among electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters. Using a self levelling laser survey equipment, you can be rest assured that everything you fit will be perfectly aligned and straight as it allows you to hang everything with precision and confidence.



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