Self Storage

AB Self Storage: self storage units of Milton Keynes

Are you moving house? Are you worrying about where you’re going to temporarily keep all of your belongings? AB Self Storage’s storage units could be the solution.

Moving home is an extremely stressful process. Amongst money worries and stressing about surveys, wouldn’t it be nice to know that something has been taken care of? Well with AB Self Storage you will have one less thing to worry about.

Whilst you are renting a storage unit within AB Self Storage’s secure facility you can store whatever you like in it for as long as you need. Whether you want to rent the unit for one week or one year AB Self Storage can provide a unit for you.

As well as storage for a transitional period, such as moving house, AB Self Storage units can be used for many other things. If you’re trying to sell your house but believe it to be too cluttered why not store a few things with AB Self Storage? Many buyers can be put off by a busy house as they cannot imagine themselves living in such a cluttered space, but a storage unit from AB Self Storage could solve that for you.

Or, perhaps you work for a business with a lot of archive material? If so an AB Self Storage unit would be perfect for you. As you do not often need to refer to your archived material it can often clog up office space and generally get in the way. But if you stored it in a self storage unit it would not get under your feet but would be available whenever you needed it!

Another thing AB Self Storage units are often used for is storing occasional use items. This could be anything from exhibition equipment to vintage cars. If you have something large, which you need to keep but simply cannot store in your home, why not hire an AB Self Storage unit?

The storage units themselves are made of extremely strong metal to protect your belongings. The unit is also locked by a padlock, for which you are the only key-holder, which is enclosed within a tamperproof shroud. And if that isn’t enough to deter thieves AB Self Storage’s facility is protected by an intruder detector and CCTV to ensure your stored belongings are safe.

So if you’re interested in storing something – big or small, long or short term – contact AB Self Storage today.



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