What is PCB Design Software?

PCB design software stands for printed circuit board software. It is a type of computer software which is used by electrical engineers and circuit manufacturers who use it to design printed circuit boards. These printed circuit boards are used in order to design and test a circuit before it is made permanent. Basically, PCB design software is an offshoot of computer aided design software which is often used by designers to mock up plans and produce creative design work with the aid of a computer.


PCB design software can be used for a number of functions when testing out the design of an electronic circuit board. For instance, it can be used to try out new components on a circuit, or it can be used to remove them. It can also be used to test and modify resistance and voltage, change circuit paths and test out a working model of the circuit before etching and all of these things can be done at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.


The main purpose of PCB design software is to make the smartest, most efficient, circuit boards possible. It doesn’t make sense to go ahead and etch a circuit board until designers are absolutely sure that it is as effectively designed as possible and this is where PCB design software comes in. Electrical engineers are able to use the software to test out a range of schematic designs which will replicate the functionality of a circuit board exactly, so that they can see what is working and what might need to be revised. If there is even the slightest of flaws in a design, good PCB software can point it out in a second, so it really is invaluable to any manufacturing company who want their goods to adhere to the highest possible standards.

Buying PCB Software

When buying PCB design software, it is always a good idea to buy the best software you can afford. Well-known, tried and tested software, like CADSTAR, will help to ensure all circuits are functional, efficient and high quality and this is definitely something worth investing in.

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