Private and confidential HIV tests for patients’ convenience and health

The medical terms AIDS and HIV first hit the headlines and public consciousness in the mid 1980s and, due to media coverage and general misconceptions became a disease thought to be prevalent only among homosexuals. Over twenty years later and with far greater understanding of the disease and medical and technological advancements, there now exists treatment facilities, both publicly and privately, accessible for all people in the UK, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, where an HIV test and after care services are provided for the confidentiality and convenience of patients with healthcare concerns in this sensitive area.

As experience and understanding of the HIV virus has grown, figures provided by the Health Protection Agency reveal that, of the estimated 83,000 UK sufferers, 38% of these are from the gay male community, whilst the larger proportion are heterosexual males and females. Worryingly, they estimate that more than 25% of sufferers across of groups are not aware that they have the virus. These figures reflect how essential it is that patients, both in high risk groups or otherwise, have access to convenient, empathetic and quick healthcare resources.

An HIV test can now be carried out in two ways, the first being the more longstanding and traditional method known as the DUO test, which produces results with four hours of testing and can detect the virus after twenty eight days of a person being exposed to it. The second is the INSTI test, which is the newer method, producing results within one minute of testing and can detect the virus after ninety days following exposure.

At samedaydoctor, our eight UK private clinics offer walk in HIV tests with a private doctor who does not require that patients give their names and contact details. Our experienced and professional teams understand the sensitivity and urgency required when treating patients in this area and offer same day results either in person or on the telephone as per the preferences of individual patients.

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