Getting a Job as a Head Chef – Look Outside London

If you are looking for a job as a head chef, consider Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh as alternatives to the capital. There are a lot of jobs available in catering, but none are as demanding as that of the head chef. From menu planning to organising and running the kitchen, the life of a head chef is far from glamorous.


The hours a head chef has to do are long and it is extremely stressful work. Whether you are in Brighton or Edinburgh, head chef jobs are not for the faint of heart. The roles and duties that you will be required to undertake will be arduous and trying and no matter where in the country you go, the duties will be similar.


Duties of a Head Chef

The Head chef is the person who sets the tone for the restaurant. From the overall theme of the menu through to each individual meal plan, the head chef is the person responsible to creating the different dishes that will be served. He or she needs to create something desirable for people and yet easy to make. It has to be challenging and yet easy. Any dish has to be unique and yet it has to have mass appeal.

As a head chef not only are you responsible for creating a menu every meal time, but also managing the staff. You will need to ensure that you have the right balance of skills and personalities in the kitchen, with trustworthy staff who always turn up for a shift and are capable of making what you have set for a meal. While as a head chef there will be an element of training, the management of staff is going to also be one of the most difficult challenges.


Learning The Ropes

Of course, it is not all stress and difficulties as any head chef knows. As it is your menu, any accolades are yours, but so are any criticisms. The fame a venu may rise to can be based on your decisions, but so is a loss of favour. The role of a head chef is critical and can make or break a restaurant. As this is such an important role, when looking to get promoted to head chef or change jobs to become a head chef, it is vital to choose the right venue.

Each restaurant will be different, whether part of a chain or an independent. When you are in a kitchen that is part of a chain, the ability to create is necessarily restricted. While you may be head chef in your kitchen, there is a higher chef planning each menu which is rolled out across the chain network. While this is an excellent way to get managerial experience and learn how to organise kitchen staff, this is not for everyone.


If you’re looking to make your next move,while there are many websites with catering jobs you’ll find Head Chef jobs at in Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow and all over the UK and beyond.

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