Skilled boat repairs

With any boat, wear and tear is unfortunately unavoidable. Wherever water goes, rust swiftly follows making boats an obvious target. Add to that stresses from other forces of nature including strong winds and the ever present English rain and it’s worth making sure your boat is inspected regularly.

If you spot wear and tear which needs attending to make sure your boat repairs are carried out by marine experts. With knowledge of the best types of marine materials they really are best placed to ensure a lasting repair. Substandard boat repairs can cost you dearly in the long run with rust developing far quicker and ill fitting wood rotting at a far faster pace.

The most common of boat repairs is joinery work. From the boat’s planking and deck to the all important hull, large areas of a boat are constructed from wood. Whilst this is always treated to protect against the elements, wear and tear does take its toll and you may start to spot mould, chips, rot or splinters. Skilled craftsmen can repair or replace the damaged part, treating it prior to completion.

Other standard boat repairs can be required to the electrics. Often boats are kitted out with fully working kitchens, heaters and lights which in turn require batteries and often pumps. Over time, faults can develop which compromise the effectiveness of these items. Boat motors, engines and propellers are another hot spot for repairs. Marine experts can carry out safe repairs to get your boat back up and running

More serious repairs may result from one off incidents including collisions. Often the subject of an insurance claim, these repairs can see large areas of your boat undergoing work. Holes will need to be filled, paint reapplied and in some cases electrical work completed. The motor may also have been damaged and boat repairs may need to extend to cover that. boast over seven decades’ experience in the marine industry. Qualified to carry out any repair as well as offering a handy annual maintenance programme, their scenic location also offers marina berths.



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