When operating in international business markets, finding safe and effective money transfer services is an integral part of your business process. No matter what the reason for transferring funds whether to pay a supplier or partner, or to perhaps fund another division of your company, it’s essential to take time to select the best means of transferring cash and managing foreign currency exchange.

One of the main reasons it is advisable to do some research on the companies offering money transfer services is that your choice can vastly affect the amount of charges you accrue. Each company will have their own set rates and a certain level of service and expertise.

You may initially think it’s safer to opt for a well-known high street bank. Transfer options on the high street can often will often charge significant commission rates and transfer charges without getting the best foreign exchange rates. An independent agency dealing specifically in foreign currency and money transfer will be able to work with your business to find the best rates and times to transfer funds.

The stock market and currency market are volatile and there are frequent changes to currency rates. The funds you want to transfer can become subjected to a variety of charges such as bank fees and currency conversion tax, so you need to opt for an agency that is experienced in negotiating the best rates. If you do not fully understand the currency exchange markets then do not attempt to carry out money transfer transactions alone as this can have a significant impact on the amount of money that arrives at its destination.

If you’re lucky you can gain extra funds. If the currency exchange rate is against you, you can stand to lose out. Make sure you seek professional advice to get the best deal.

At PureFX, we offer outstanding foreign exchange and money transfer services.