Mothers to be are more likely to be carrying out DIY jobs such as installing children’s coat hooks when it comes to nursery décor.

These statistics reveal that more pregnant women will be found indulging in nursery décor than their partners.

According to website, more than forty per cent of all the pregnant women interviewed have been involved in carrying out DIY tasks in the nursery such as putting up children’s coat hooks and putting together furniture. All this- without the help of their partner.

In the same survey, only ten per cent of men were revealed to have helped build furniture and get involved in the nursery décor before the birth of their child.

So why have so many pregnant women decided to do all this work on their own without the help of their partner, friends or family? The survey reveals that more than a quarter of those women questioned said they had embarked on the solo DIY projects as they were bored while off on their maternity leave.

However, more than a third of those ladies surveyed by the website revealed that the real reason they had decided to do the work themselves was because they were getting impatient with their partner. These ladies were frustrated that their partner was taking too long to either start the job or complete it.

Additionally, the projects were also revealed to be an important process of many women who felt like they needed to indulge in a spot of ‘nesting’ in preparation for their baby being born.

Co-founder of the website, Jill Tovey told Lets Do DIY that this is an important period of readjustment and preparation for all expectant mothers.

She said: “ Nesting is an important part of the pregnancy process and many mothers find great comfort in the preparation and decoration of their baby’s nursery.”