Planning for tourist log cabins to be approved?

A project that involves building twenty log cabins for tourists may well be approved despite heavy opposition from parish councillors.

It is hoped that the log cabins will provide tourists staying in the Skipsea Road area of Bewholme with the perfect summer houses.

However, part of these plans involve demolishing farm buildings located at Low Bonwich Farm to make way for the twenty eco-friendly log cabins. This is a move that has been heavily criticised and met with tough opposition from local councillors in the area.
The main reason the buildings need to be knocked down is to link the new, proposed summer houses with the sea and Far Grange leisure complex. This complex would offer many facilities to tourists visiting the area including a gym, county market, golf course, bar and restaurant.

However in order to link the two locations, a path must be built on a field on the farm.

The developers hope that the plans will be approved since the farm will still be able to continue growing crops and operating as normal alongside the summer homes.

Constructed from logs, each of the cabins would be able to boast state-of-the-art under floor heating as well as having a wood burner to make them extra comfortable for those staying in them.

However councillors have raised concerns over the possibility of traffic levels in the Skipsea Lane area being increased which may have detrimental effects for local cyclists who enjoy using the area.

In addition, there are concerns about the security of the park as there are no plans to build a site office and councillors fear that some people may stay in the cabins all year round.

The outcome of the planning application will be announced over the next few weeks.

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