Worldwide Presence, Without Damaging the World

One of the hottest topics of the last few years has been climate change. Whatever your views on it, there is not real doubt that it is happening, and there is no doubt that we are contributing to it. The amount that we are contributing might still be up for debate, but either way, if there are easy ways to try and help the environment, we may as well take them.

Sending Christmas cards might not seem to be in the same league as building cars and flying jets, but when they are business Christmas cards, being sent to hundreds or thousands of customers, the energy used to create, send and ultimately dispose of said cards suddenly adds up. When you multiply that by the number of companies that might be sending out cards, there is almost certain to be a penguin or polar bear somewhere looking decidedly narked about the whole thing.

The irony with a good deal of environmentally damaging problems, is that changing to more economically sound choices can actually save companies money. And business cards are no different. Sending business e cards instead of their more traditional paper relatives can help save not only the environment, but can also help save companies a good deal of time and money in the process.

Business e cards are easier to send, a more unique way to help your business stand out, and will save a great deal of resources all at the same time. Sending one is a great way to market your company in a much more easily controlled manor, meaning you can choose exactly when the cards are sent and received, whilst also being able to customise the look and feel of the cards much more readily. So helping the environment and helping your company can go easily hand in hand.

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