For those who have hit the dry ski slopes and are worried about the safety aspects of taking the plunge into the elements that comes with proper skiing, it is important to understand just how safe you are likely to be. With careful precautions and choosing the right slopes along with the right watchful eye, the chances are you will avoid any accidents, so the only thing left to worry about is avalanches.

But when embarking on ski holidays just how likely are avalanches? The truth is, even as unpredictable as nature is, the chances of you being involved in an avalanche at a ski resort is minimal. All ski resorts have to put safety measures in place and will monitor the snow extremely regularly to see if there is any risk of an avalanche. It is also very rare for avalanches to happen naturally, and in the ski-resorts the conditions will be such that causing one yourself is near impossible.

The only real risk comes when going off-piste. For those who are heading away on ski holidays for a little more adventure than just the regular slopes and the comfy ski chalets, going off-piste can seem like an extremely appealing idea. Since most avalanches are caused by the individual, it is important that you only venture off-piste once you are extremely experienced.

Should you decide to venture off-piste always ensure you check the avalanche bulletin before hand so you are aware in advance of the likeliness of one occurring. Make sure you have the right equipment and that you monitor the situation as closely as possible, always asking advice if you are unsure.

For those less experienced, to be sure you will be safe, it is best to stay en piste and enjoy the safety of the slopes and the comfort of those nice warm ski chalets.