Analyse your billing and save money

It’s easy to rest on your laurels once you have a system in place that is apparently working well, not generating any obvious problems and providing the quality of service required. Yet how do you measure its on-going efficiency?
Business telephone systems can become complex over time, with additions to network capacity and constant changes in the workforce and company structure. Inefficiencies develop such as redundant lines, inappropriate calls, billing errors and shifts in usage patterns that result in out of tariff charges. There may be features you are paying for but don’t need and useful features available but not used due to lack of awareness or product knowledge. Analysing your bill on a regular basis is an essential tool to control costs and identify areas for improvement.
The largest savings can usually be gained by changing to a more appropriate tariff and it’s often the case that contracts are allowed to continue past their end date on the same terms, without any reminder from the provider. Maintaining contact with your contract manager is important in keeping up to date with service improvements and new offers. Another area of concern should be the inappropriate use of phones for private calls and there is an obvious need to restrict premium numbers from being used. When analysing billing, don’t forget the switchboard line since the operator usually has unrestricted use of the system and often controls individual connections to the system. Keeping an eye on billing patterns can identify anomalies that could turn out to be errors, and these could be substantial.
With business telephone systems, it’s important to ensure your business has the right system and gets value for money within the service contract. At 5G Business Telecoms, we offer a free analysis of your existing business lines and calls, stress-free transfer to a new contract and one bill for all telecom services.

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