What is a Spanish Parador?

As holiday makers we have become more and more choosy when it comes to our destinations, as well as the ways in which we choose to take our vacations. However, as our tastes become more and more refined, so novel ways to take our holidays become available. For example, have you ever considered holidaying to a Spanish Parador?

A parador is unique when it comes to holiday accommodation for a few reasons. One of which is that fact that they are state run hotels, and are therefore an integral part of Spanish culture, as well as being relatively affordable, when compared to similar kinds of accommodation.

Also, a parador is usually a building with unique cultural or historical importance, whether its a converted mediaeval castle or a monastery, and therefore for anyone that demands a little more when it comes to their Spanish hotels, a parador is an ideal option, especially as paradors are available throughout Spain.

Notable paradors include Parador de Leon, which was once a monestary, but has now been converted into a lovely Spanish hotel, or Parador de Sinquenza, which is a lovingly converted castle perched a top a hill – absolutely idyllic for anyone that demands excellent views, as well as cultural intrigue, when it comes to their holiday accommodation.

Whilst paradors are more often than not historic buildings, this does not mean that you stepping back in time when you holiday; and as you would expect from top notch accommodation they are full of all the modern amenities that will make your vacation both memorable and comfortable, including elegant cuisine, and fully equipped rooms – the perfect marriage between old and new!

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