Display Stands: Meeting the Demands of an Exhibition Space

An exhibition environment is unique to the world of promotion, and whereas other kinds of advertising and other ways in which businesses reach customers or clients are often about the long game, in an exhibition setting there are certain spatial as well as time constraints impinging on your ability to reach potential consumers.

Therefore, whilst generally the face of promotion is changing, with the advent of digital marketing etc, when it comes to exhibitions, traditional methods of appealing to customers are still the most appropriate.

With this in mind, display stands are fundamental, and your success or failure at an exhibition will often depend on the quality of your display setting. Luckily, there are plenty of obvious (and not so obvious) ways to increase the visual and practical impact of your display stand within an exhibition.

The most immediate thing to consider when setting up your stand is position. Ideally the closer you can get to walkways the better. This could mean simply setting up your stand close to the paths of consumers, or it could mean increasing the “footprint” of your display so it physically reaches out to a customer. Arguably, the physical position of your stand will be the factor that most influences your success at an exhibition.

It is not the only thing to consider however, and the quality of your display boards etc is also important. With this in mind, highly visible and good quality stands, such as Slimflex display boards, will give you the kind of visibility you’re after, alongside aesthetic quality.

Of course the onus is on your particular business to inject life into your stand, and once the customer is attracted to a space there are lots of creative ways to snare their interest. For instance, you could hand out business cards or hand out promotional items, both tried and tested ways to appeal to customers.

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