Display Stands and Boards – Expand your Market

Promotion is the very heart of business, and whilst in an ideal world advertising would be egalitarian, and the onus on the customer to choose the products that they decide are most appealing, in the real world things are different, and the more money that a company has the more potential they have to reach their customer base.

This does not mean, however, that high effective promotion is out of reach for smaller businesses or businesses on a tight budget, and instead more traditional forms of advertising can reap clear advantage in terms of promotion, whilst not incurring massive costs, as one would expect from a digital marketing campaign, for example.

There are certain environments where display stands and display boards will not only be the best way to reach potential customers, but will in fact be the only way to reach your potential customer base. The most obvious such environment is in an exhibition setting, and with this in mind, it is important that your display stands are positioned in such a way to be optimally visible by passers by, and that they are correctly lit etc.

Beyond an exhibition setting, there is still an important role for display stands and display boards. For example, outside of a retail store. You might consider that your shop window display is the closest that you shop can get to passers by (and therefore lots of customers) however this is not the case, and by positioning an “a-board” (a popular kind of display board) outside of your store, you essentially reach beyond the physical potential of your store to interact more intimately with your  (hopefully) customers.

However you choose to use display stands, whether as the brunt of your promotional activity or to supplement an overall advertising campaign, one things for sure: despite their relative simplicity, when the cost to result ratio is concerned, they are highly effective.

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