Who Benefits from Mobile Phone Recycling?

We’ve all heard how beneficial mobile phone recycling is, but just who really benefits from it? The answer, surprisingly, is almost everyone.

Individuals: When you sell your mobile, you will be getting a surprisingly high rate for something that was quite possibly free if you were on a contract, and something that you will never use again once you have a new phone. The rates you can expect will vary from phone to phone and company to company, but try starting with a company such as Mazuma who offer high prices when you sell your mobile and have some of the best reviews around.

Businesses: With numerous employees receiving work mobiles, when it is time for an upgrade, recycling phones can lead to a massive boost in revenue, especially to those with large work forces.

The Environment: There are currently somewhere in the region of 90 million mobile phones in the UK. That is more than there are people. And it is very unlikely that the babies and toddlers are particularly regular users of a mobile phone. That means that there are millions of phones sitting around doing nothing that could be being used and will otherwise simply find their way into landfill sites. Recycling them means that these phones will not only get used, but also won’t simply be another pollutant.

Developing Countries or Less Fortunate People: Most reputable mobile phone recycling companies will either use these phones to help communications in developing countries or will supply them to people who are in general less fortunate.

So ultimately, selling old phones does indeed deserve to have the term recycling applied to it. In fact, it is hard to think of anyone who won’t benefit from the process. So next time you have a phone that is doing nothing, why not make some money and feel good about yourself at the same time.

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