One of the world’s biggest diamond engagement rings up for grabs!

One of the most impressive diamond rings the world has ever seen has been unveiled as part of a competition to find the world’s best couple.

Michael Hill, a jewellery designer who loves to work with diamonds, was at the competition launch night in Calgary which is aiming to find the best couple in the world. The prize is not to be sniffed at either as the winner will receive one of the most impressive 22 carat diamond engagement rings ever seen.

As it is a princess cut ring, the designer has admitted that coming across diamonds of this size and shape is very rare.

Speaking to Diamond News, he said: “It is way up there as far as a significant world diamond.”

The competition will be running across Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States and will see couples taking part in a number of online challenges in which they will need to prove their love for each other.

Fronting the campaign and competition is US reality star beauty, Kim Kardashian who will be helping Hill market the event and his new jewellery store in the United States.

Kim was seen modelling the diamond ring at the competition’s launch and this will eventually be awarded to the winning couple who are able to withstand the challenges and tests thrown at them.

The final winners will be determined by a series of online votes from members of the public and the competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of how long the couple has been together. Contestants will need to prove they can work together in the challenges which will take place over a period of six weeks.
Michael Hill is from New Zealand and now has almost 250 stores worldwide in countries such as the United States and Canada. The company also has over 2,000 employees.

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