Diamonds really are Barbie’s best friend

Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend- Barbie seems to be enjoying wearing them too.With many women longing for diamond rings and bracelets, Barbie has already been seen wearing a necklace encrusted with real diamonds.

Last week a Barbie wearing a choker with diamonds went under the hammer at auction and sold for a record breaking price.

Although Barbie has many fans around the world, very few of them would have been able to afford the staggering $302,500 (£191,500) which was paid at a New York auction last week by an anonymous bidder.

All proceeds will now be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help those suffering from cancer and to support their families.

Created by Stefano Canturi, the one-of-a-kind Barbie wears a strapless, black gown complete with a choker which boasts a square cut, one carat pink diamond.

Although it  is the most ever paid for a Barbie doll, Canturi still believes that this is more than just a doll as it will always be seen as a great investment piece due to the diamonds.
Speaking to the BBC, he said: “ People are finding things other than the normal channels for investing and what is happening is going back to the basics like going back to beautiful gold, gems- something they can actually hold on to. “
The Australian jewellery designer has always been interested in creating rare and iconic pieces as part of Hollywood history and culture.
When invited by Mattel to create a concept of an iconic Barbie he jumped at the chance. He said: “I wanted the jewellery design to pay homage to Barbie’s modern yet timeless style over the ages.”

The designer is also interested in Cubism and is why the diamond that was selected is a square-cut, pink style.

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