Telephone answering services ‘can make firms more successful’

Having a telephone answering service can make a company more successful, it has been suggested.According to comments made by freelance writer Erica Ronchetti, consumers can be put off if they ring a firm only to be immediately put on hold without being given any options. Indeed, this can lead them to hang up and seek the product or service they are after elsewhere, she noted.

Presumably the same effect would apply if there was no response at all when the individual tried to get in touch in this way.

Such cases result in businesses losing custom, the journalist noted.

She remarked: “That scenario raises an important question – where and when does the sales process begin? The answer: as soon as a customer calls your business. Regardless of whether or not you and your customers interact face to face, virtually, or via phone, it’s all the same. First impressions do count and they do impact sales.”

Ms Ronchetti went on to claim that using call handling services can thus make enterprises better. Such provisions ensure that consumers speak to a trained professional who can assist them with their issues.

She went on to point out that telephone answering firms are known for their ability to deliver excellent customer service.

The writer also pointed out that it is vital from the point of view of the firms using such call handling services to ensure that the operators have sufficient knowledge of their offerings.

The expert concluded by suggesting the virtual receptionists can make a difference in terms of how people feel when interacting with companies, stating: “Don’t underestimate the importance of call handling and its effect on your sales process.”

Indeed, given the tough nature of the business world at present, any custom lost due to a firm’s inability to respond effectively to telephone calls could render the organisation unable to function.

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