Hiranandani Upscale School student crowned winner of Queen’s University Belfast

Gyanepsaa Singh from Hiranandani Upscale School in Chennai has been crowned the winner of the Queen’s University Belfast’s inaugural Short Story Competition led by the Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s. Gyanepsaa took first place with her mesmerizing short story ‘Fingerprints’. Gyanepsaa will have the opportunity to showcase her work at the iconic Jaipur Literary Festival, … Read more

This hero’s dream is freedom for women and girls

For my first Hero in the Field profile in 2022, I’m excited to highlight the life and work of Kakenya Ntaiya, the founder of a school for girls and a leader in the effort to end child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). As a girl growing up in rural Kenya, Kakenya learned from an … Read more

Fascinating Facts About The First World War

This year marks the centenary of the end of the First World War, one of man’s deadliest wars that shook the world and touched almost every part of it. It was the first war that involved tanks that were initially to be called ‘landships’. There were many other firsts and some fascinating facts that you might not have heard before. To celebrate hundred years of the end of the Great War, here are some World War I facts:

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What Would Happen If There Were A Nuclear Attack On Britain?

We live in scary times – in the past few years we have seen an increasingly more determined North Korea continue with its weapons programme, under the orders of what seems to be a madman. On the other side of the world in America, things don’t seem much better, with President Trump determined to use Twitter to threaten North Korea and using phrases such as ‘Fire and Fury’ setting alarm bells ringing all over the world. At home in Britain, the recent spy poisoning scandal in Salisbury has seen relations between Britain and Russia become frostier, with the expulsion of diplomats on both sides, and accusations being thrown back and forth. Some have even referred to the situation as ‘The Second Cold War’ – for those who weren’t around during the first Cold War, they were very scary days indeed!

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Staying safe with used cars Aberdeen

Looking for used cars Aberdeen? Scores of drivers invest in second hand cars every year, and with most cars losing around 30% of their value after just a year on the road it’s always possible to get your hands on a nearly new car for a fraction of the price that you would have paid when it first hit the market.

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How to Take the Hassle Out Of Moving Abroad

Moving to France, Holland, Germany or indeed anywhere else can be one of the best decisions you make. It’s a chance to try something totally different and create a new life, but the only problem could be the perceived hassle involved in getting over there. But, if you bear in mind these few simple points, … Read more

Mechanical design, environmental compliance and data security issues

Environmental compliance within the mechanical engineering industry is governed by three main areas: the REACH, RoHS and WEEE directives. The WEEE restricts the amount of lead, mercury, Polybrominated flame retardants etc entering landfill, meaning they have to be recycled. However, the RoHS (Regulation of Hazardous Substances) act prohibits these substances being used for electronic or mechanical engineering processes in the UK and EU – so what happens to them?

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Casting calls – arm yourself with insider knowledge…

The world is full of talented actors. If you want to make it in this field you’re going to need your talent, of course, but also you need drive, determination and a little luck to get a big break. If you don’t bother to find out anything about how acting auditions work, to be blunt, you won’t get anywhere. If you don’t where the casting calls are taking place and what directors are looking for, you don’t stand a chance.

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Human ESCs used in pioneering spinal injury treatment

The use of hESC (human embryonic stem cell) antibodies may be a controversial subject, but they are proving their worth. Back in 2000, the Geron corporation reported successful culturing the first neural cells from hESCs. Now, they’ve just conducted the world’s first human clinical trial, injecting hESCs into the spinal cord of a paralysed patient to generate new neural cells and overcome the paralysis. If it works, it will revolutionise the world of cell-based therapies.

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Foam for survival clothing

Here at Technical Foam Services, we pride ourselves in our ability to not only accurately provide foam cut to size, but also that our foam rubber can be instrumental in the saving of lives. This is, of course a reference to the various articles that are either made from foam or use it as part of their construction.

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Planning for tourist log cabins to be approved?

A project that involves building twenty log cabins for tourists may well be approved despite heavy opposition from parish councillors. It is hoped that the log cabins will provide tourists staying in the Skipsea Road area of Bewholme with the perfect summer houses.However, part of these plans involve demolishing farm buildings located at Low Bonwich … Read more

What to Do in an Elevator

When people use lifts, even the most self-aware of people can find themselves becoming socially incompetent, awkward and in many cases plain weird. Even with a group of friends, people can suddenly forget how social conventions are supposed to work and end up humming to themselves or shuffling around like a deranged person. So why is it that lifts can transform us into such weird people?

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