New baby gifts announced by retailer

Baby gifts in the United States and rest of the world come in all shapes and sizes to suit everything from the smallest to largest budget. A retailer that specialises in creating unique new baby gifts has just recently added to its repertoire of diaper cakes by launching a new range of baby gifts especially … Read more

Finding the Perfect Christening Gifts

A Christening is a truly special time that deserves to be celebrated. To really mark the occasion it’s important to choose the right christening gifts, as while gifts aren’t everything, they can be the perfect way to show that you care. But just how can you find the right gifts to suit? Traditional gifts would … Read more

Why Give Personalised Baby Gifts?

Whenever you send a gift to someone, you want to be confident that they’ll like and appreciate it. In a way this becomes even more apparent (and difficult) when finding gifts for babies – not only do you have to please the baby, but you have to please the parents as well. At first glance … Read more

Promotional gifts can match the season

A promotional gifts supplier has noticed record orders from commercial clients for certain branded promotional products since coming into the cold, winter months recently. Promotional products are a great way of advertising and promoting a company and the best promotional gifts are usually ones that are practical and will actually attract somebody’s attention. Promotional gifts … Read more

Expanding your niche

Targeting a niche can be an extremely effective internet strategy. There comes a time, though, when that niche can be a little small for your business goals. Never fear, as there are ways to grow beyond your niche without having to give up everything you’ve worked so hard for.

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Arts and crafts ‘can make good children’s toys

Children can sometimes find themselves at a loose end and, in such circumstances, it is good for parents to have activities available that their youngsters can get stuck into. This is the purpose of a book by Heather Swain, which is entitled Make These Toys. In the tome, there are a number of ideas involving … Read more

How to Find Comfortable Casual Clothing

Looking for some comfortable clothing to lounge around the house in? Sometimes it’s really hard to find clothing that looks nice but still feels super comfortable, and doesn’t require a lot of care and attention. Who wants to iron something or dry clean it if they are only go to wear it at home? Here are some tips to help you find that perfect comfortable casual clothing.

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Fun Yoga Clothes For Trendy Women

If you are a trendy woman, perhaps the thought of getting into some yoga wear or sportswear for your workout or yoga class makes you cringe. But maybe that’s because you’ve been buying all your yoga clothes from a standard athletic shop. Here are some tips to help you find those fun, trendy yoga clothes … Read more

Turning Korean: Foreign English Teachers, Urban Fashion and Underground Beats

Teaching English abroad is still one of the most popular gap year or post-graduate activities on the schedule of many young people. Most leave their pop togs, skate wear and hip hop clothes at home in favour of more simple attire. Locations like Thailand, Laos, Goa, the African continent and South America are popular thanks to their cultural richness and the value of English language learning.

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Benefits of Children’s Toys

They may well mess up the house and become a serious trip hazard to anyone over two feet tall, but children’s toys bring so many benefits above and beyond simply giving your little one something to do with their day that the clean up and the end of the it all will be more than … Read more

Toys for Toddlers

When your child is just a toddler, there are so many different types of toys you can buy for them. Some will even be happy sitting in front of a games console all day, racing cars and playing shoot ‘em ups. So what are the best sorts of toys for your child?

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The Best Way to Buy Children’s Toys

One of the great benefits of buying toys for children who are still young, is that many of the same types of games stay in fashion for many years meaning that hand-me-downs don’t carry the same stigma they can for kids who have started to get that little bit older. The other great benefit is that, at an early age, children will rarely care whether a game is brand new and top of the line or something that was consigned to a bargain bucket years before.

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Choosing gifts he will never forget..

The choice of gifts for men is really huge now. Have you noticed those specialist gift stores full of gadgets, nostalgia toys and various knick knacks designed to appeal to guys. I’m sure if you did buy something from one of these shops you’ll get a smile at the very least and he might use it a few times, but soon, just like some many other gifts he has received in this life, it will just be forgotten about and thrown away.

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Getting it right when it comes to gifts for men.

OK so listen up mums, girlfriends, grandmas and aunties everywhere. Luxury gifts for men do not include any of the following: shortbread, handkerchiefs (even if they do come in a fancy box), Blue Stratos aftershave, polyester ties (even if they appear to have an Italian brand name) and novelty socks. Oh dear, novelty socks.

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Mariah Carey to need maternity clothes

Mariah Carey has revealed that she is to need maternity clothes in the near future. The American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress noted on US television programme The Today Show that she is pregnant. Her announcement came after rumours began gathering pace that she was set to have a child. She is starting a family … Read more

Seasonal Chic: Womens Clothes and Shoes for Winter

Without the right wardrobe, the winter months can be a battle: cold and dreary, with hours spent rooting through the closet, struggling to find outfits for Christmas and New Year celebrations. By shopping online at Quiz, the sparkle can be put back into the season, providing you with endless options which are glamorous and practical, with outfits for both day and night.

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Fancy dress outfits worn in fundraising bid

A bid to raise money for a non-profit organisation in Wales was recently staged and fancy dress was the theme.Supporters of Friends of Barry Beaches (FoBB) gathered to hold the event and attendees donned their fancy dress outfits for the occasion, the Barry and District News reports.

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Setting up shop online: some hints and tips.

The internet has had quite an impact on our lives in the past two decades. For instance, it has revolutionised the way that we communicate with each other, whether it is by email, web cam or social networking. It has also changed the face of entertainment, with albums and films readily available to download or stream straight to your desktop. Last but by no means least the internet is dramatically changing the way we shop.

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Watches – the perfect gift for him.

So does that special man in your life like to wear jewellery? Even if he isn’t Mr T and dripping in chains, there is probably one piece he is wearing. Like most other men. It’s beautiful, subtle and useful too. Watches are the one item from the jewellers that any man will wear. Even if he isn’t too fussed about rings, chains and necklaces.

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