The benefits of Coldfusion hosting

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting process, even if you have a developer on hand to help out. Site architecture, the design (the look and feel), the population of the site with fresh engaging lively content all require careful consideration and effort.

For some site owners, the extra burden of choosing the most suitable development language, and the heavy-duty coding, is not something they want to take on. In these circumstances, a fully-fledged authoring tool, which comes packed with templates and pre-designed solutions, and which integrates with your web server, can be a real boon. Coldfusion is just such a package.

Whilst it still requires some technical skills to master, all the coding nightmares are taken out of your hands, and you have a host of templates, and navigational features to work with. Meanwhile, you still have sufficient freedom to build a striking and original site, and you are able to build the site as you require it.

Here at EUKHost we are delighted to provide a Coldfusion server shared hosting service. Should you choose Coldfusion web hosting by EUKHost you will discover some tremendous benefits.

First, this client-server package comes integrated with Microsoft SQL server, enabling you to get up and running with an enterprise scale database. In-fact the Coldfusion hosting solution is ideally suited to websites which require connecting to a powerful, backend database.

Another feature of Coldfusion web hosting by EUKHost is the ability to create a custom embedded shopping cart, a real boon to e-commerce sites. Coldfusion, moreover, provides the ability to integrate with PDF documents, one of the most common document formats on the web.

Finally should you choose Coldfusion website hosting by EUKHost, you will be able to make use of all the standard features of EUK shared hosting, from email accounts to a site control panel.

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