Bird Watching for Beginners

Bird watching can be a fun, interesting hobby, and if you enjoy it you may find you keep it up for the rest of your life. You can also make a lot of friends by finding other people who enjoy this hobby. Here are some tips for bird watching for beginners. First, learn something about … Read more

Outstanding outdoor furniture

It is not as easy to purchase truly outstanding outdoor furniture as it may appear. Garden furniture has become ubiquitous but many items which may seem as if they are great value for money and may also look attractive do not stand the tests of the elements and need to be replaced after a harsh winter in time for the summer barbecue season.

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Winter Activities: Exploring the Night Sky

Finding something to occupy the kids’ eager minds during the chilly winter months can be troublesome. An under-utilised but ever-present resource is the winter night sky of the northern hemisphere. Stargazing is free (aside from investment in a pair of binoculars or an astronomical telescope) and offers the chance of an activity every member of the family can enjoy from a deckchair!

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Survivin acetylation linked to STAT3 inhibition

STAT3 and Survivin antibodies are widely used in apoptosis and cancer research studies. Both proteins are known to inhibit apoptosis and are expressed in a number of cancers. In 2006, Gritsko et al suggested STAT3 regulated Survivin expression in tumour cells. Now, a new study by Browns University scientists suggests a role for acetylated Survivin in repressing STAT activity.

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How to Make a Marriage Day Special

Although the heart of a wedding is the love between two parties, the wedding ceremony itself can be a logistical (as well as financial) nightmare, and therefore in order to ensure that the happiness of the happy couple isn’t undermined, it is important that all aspects of a wedding combine to make a truly special day.

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