Women’s Hands Reveal Their True Age

Men grow cold as girls grow old, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend… or perhaps GLOVES are a woman’s best friend past a certain age! The derogatory terms banded about when describing a woman’s aged hands can be as graphic as “like a silk bag of snakes” or the old classic “fingers like a tortoise’s neck” Either way, there are two options – take and revel in the wisdom and serenity that apparently comes with age, or embark upon a regime of improvement that can include non-surgical treatments such as lasers or chemical peels (to reduce the appearance of age spots)
But is all that fuss necessary? Back in 2006 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) issued findings concerning a study during which participants were asked to examine un-changed photographs of women’s hands and asses their ages by decade. The study showed that in the majority of cases participants successfully identified the correct decade age group.

Sometimes cultural divides are preval

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Pamper That Pooch

You love your little puppy; even the ones who can be little terrors still become as intricate a part of a family as any human could. And because you love him, surely you want to give him a treat now and again, right? Well, when it comes to choosing a bed for your fluffy haired friend, there are many more reasons for getting the right dog bed that just wanting to pamper him.

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