Chicago Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is an efficient strategy to market your company. From various products to solutions, lots of corporations use promotional videos to establish brand credibility and also mass recognition. Irrespective of whether it is increasing sales or generating greater earnings, Chicago Corporate Video focuses primarily on interesting and also innovative promotional video clips. With … Read more

Surfing and Hypothermia

Hypothermia kills more surfers each year than sharks. Caused by prolonged exposure to low temperatures, winds or moisture, hypothermia can afflict and potentially kill anyone, from the hardiest mountaineer to a toddler lost on a winter walk.

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Sexual Health concerns should not be ignored

Despite sexual health education becoming more commonplace, it is still a reality that sexually transmitted diseases are becoming an increased health risk, especially amongst teenagers and young adults. Whist it is easy for people on the outside to look upon this as a black and white subject, for those who become affected by the fear or knowledge of these types of infections, it can be an extremely scary and upsetting time.

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