Moving to France Made Easy

Moving to France (or indeed anywhere else) can be a wonderful experience, offering the perfect opportunity to start afresh and enjoy a new life. The only thing that holds some people back is the thought of how difficult it’s going to be. All that planning and organising can sometimes be too much to even consider, … Read more

Eco Friendly Office Tips

Few businesses can afford the luxury of lavish costs or unethical environmental habits. In an economy where the majority of businesses see at least some sharks circling, a few small changes can make a big difference both environmentally and financially.

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Worldwide Presence, Without Damaging the World

One of the hottest topics of the last few years has been climate change. Whatever your views on it, there is not real doubt that it is happening, and there is no doubt that we are contributing to it. The amount that we are contributing might still be up for debate, but either way, if there are easy ways to try and help the environment, we may as well take them.

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Traditional furniture from Chesterfield

We offer a range of traditional furniture items designed and built to the highest standards. Our items include sofas, chairs, wing chairs and footstools from our Classic and Heirloom collections. Fleming & Howland have been family upholsterers since 1780. In the period since then, the techniques and skills that are required to build an authentic … Read more