RIA Analytics: Three Features I Expect

In a previous article discussing Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture, I pointed out some evident applications of a prospective Web Metrics platform dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the overall online performance of Adobe-specific software. Although the business models of the two companies seem rather antithetical, they can also be regarded as complementary. Omniture sells technically sophisticated … Read more

avian constellation

avian constellation Another avian constellation, Corvus can also be one of Ptolemy’s unique 48 constellations. The legend at the rear of it is intertwined with the neighbouring constellation of Crater the actual cup. Apollo, any Greek lord ordered a crow to bring him water in the cup however the crow got diverted by a fig … Read more

The particular Newest Fashion Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings couple of. 0

Js Wings couple of. 0 Emphasizing the Confucian aristocratic backroom (#(meritocracy)#) inside avant-garde sense, abnormally pertaining to Western advanced commercialism involving its analeptic effect. This book that compared Adidas Porsche Designwith this West, the East Asian Confucian approach of aborigine accord is an affection of the compassionate takes a different approach. As an alternative, for … Read more