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Safe storage for parcels and newspapers

The way people are shopping is changing. More and more goods are being ordered online. Which means more parcels being delivered to people at home. Who don’t have anywhere to store them. Which is a real pain for postmen and delivery guys, but great news for opportunist thieves. Who are dining out on the easy pickings.

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Store packages safely and securely

Getting a delivery in the post is still exciting, no matter how old the recipient is. Maybe it’s a reminder of birthdays during childhood when cards, money and gifts would all arrive in the mail in time for the big day. Thanks to online shopping, consumers in the UK are receiving more deliveries than ever before. Shopping this way is fast, easy and convenient.

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Mail boxes provide added security

People receive all sorts of valuable things in the post. From cheques in birthday cards through to deliveries from online retailers. Given that all of us are increasingly shopping online, there are more and more products winging their way to people’s homes everyday. Which unfortunately means more opportunity for thieves to strike if people don’t make adequate provision for storage.

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