Team building

Maximillion is a creative event management, team building and communications agency. Our focus is to enhance performance through communicating with business stakeholders in a more effect manner. Founded in 1989 we’ve undergone exponential growth and today have delivered more than five thousand corporate events and hosted a quarter of a million guests across a wide … Read more

Life in The Alps

As autumn turns quickly to winter, the cold and wind and rain are suddenly forgotten in place of the mounting excitement for the upcoming Christmas period. However, once the festive season is well and truly finished, a British winter is a less than appealing concept, leading to early January being unanimously thought of as the most depressing time of the year.

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Keeping care of your fascias

Fascias are an essential part of the outside of any building, although it is most likely that you are not consciously aware of their existence, unless you are involved in the building trade. Nevertheless, this does not diminish how important they are and in order to keep any building in working order, they need to be properly maintained.

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