Firearm Dealers Soon to Get Ecommerce Sales Boost

Rising employment will likely encourage consumers to spend more this year, although higher gas prices will cut into their disposable income. Retail sales could get as much as a 10% boost in sales for March and April because they expect people who filed their taxes early to spend their refunds very shortly after receiving them. … Read more

Credit Card Processing: Beware of Teaser Rates

Beware of Teaser Rates Unknowing merchants are seduced by teaser rates every day. Teaser rates are not new to the card processing industry. They have just become more absurd. I have seen marketing materials promising processing for as low as 0.00 %. That is not 0.00 percent over interchange and pass-through fees. It’s 0.00 % … Read more

Avoiding ATMs Abroad

When heading away, either travelling or simply on holiday, the chances are that you won’t want to take a huge bundle of money with you. After all, should you lose that money, or find it is stolen, this can leave you in a whole heap of trouble, not only ruining a good proportion of your time away, but also possibly leaving you totally stranded.

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