Nursery decor should ‘flow with the rest of the home’

One of the tasks of soon-to-be parents is to make sure they have an area for their tot to sleep in.Not only should this space be highly practical, but is also helps if it looks good, it has been suggested.Writing on ShelterPop, Sara Brown claimed that nursery decor should fit in with the rest of the property.

She stated: “It’s a good idea to design a baby room that flows with the rest of the home’s decor.”This is particularly the case when such a room has to invade other areas due to a lack of space, she added.Ms Brown made her comments in reference to the example of Sherry and John Petersik, who had to convert their dining room into a space for their baby to sleep in.

The pair, who are now known for their tips on nursery decor and other such topics, decided to keep a blog about their own experiences in order to reduce the sense of frustration they had.Ms Petersik noted that it is important not to have too many baby gifts and items in the space as there would be no room for the infant itself if this is the case.

However, small items such as snow globes may make a welcome addition, serving as objects of beauty and entertainment.The DIY enthusiast added that it helps to have a “stash spot”. In other words, if every item has a place in which it can be kept, it is easier to keep to the home looking clean and tidy.

Meanwhile, commenting on the couple’s decision to keep a written record of their trials and tribulations concerning home decoration, Ms Petersik stated: “We were putting in so much hard work and it was kind of getting us down. John thought a blog would be a good way to feel fulfilled by all of the changes we were making.”

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