Airline to offer aurora borealis deals

Northern lights holidays are now to be offered by one of Iceland’s leading airlines.Flagship carrier, Icelandair will now be offering package deals to see the aurora borealis which will include accommodation and flights.
The airline is now expecting more people to visit Iceland thanks to improved weather conditions that are expected over the next year allowing tourists to get a better view of the aurora borealis.

The northern lights can also be seen from other countries such as Finland and operators such as Arctic Direct will also be offering a range of deals to suit every type of budget.

Every year, the natural wonder attracts people from all over the world and as it is such a highly anticipated event,  a lot of holidaymakers have been choosing to book with renowned tour operators such as Arctic Direct as they specialise in putting together different holidays that will appeal to a variety of ages and budgets. Holidaymakers can also choose the country they want to view the northern lights from.

This year could actually be one of the best times to see the natural phenomenon as website has reported that auroral activity is set to be on the rise.

Although over the past few years the levels of activity have been quite low, researchers are now reporting that sightings are now on the increase.
Speaking to the website, Noora Partamies, researcher from the Finnish Meteorological Institute said: “We can’t make a detailed forecast for the coming winter.

“But the sun’s activity is on the rise and the auroral activity as well has shown clear signs of increasing this year.”
The tour operator also organises trips to Norway and Iceland where guests can make the very most of their holidays thanks to years of experience in the tour operating industry.

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