Racking solutions to tidy up your workplace…

It’s important to keep make little adjustments at work to ensure employees have all the facilities that they need. Factors like changes in legislation and lifestyle trends mean that employees’ needs and habits vary and not all workplaces keep up.

Take the smoking ban for example. How many times do you see groups of smokers huddled outside office doorways, puffing away in all weathers. It’s not ideal. The smokers get no protection from the elements and it doesn’t create a great impression for your company as visitors are greeted by this sight. And it all takes to solve it is some simple racking. That’s right, it really wouldn’t take much to sort out some smoking shelters, which is a much more satisfactory arrangement for everyone concerned. If you have an outdoor area out the back, you can install one to keep people dry and clear up the entrance to your office.

More and more people are cycling to work, especially in big cities like London. It beats the daily congestion, is great exercise and good for the environment. But not all companies make proper provision for their cyclists. Where are you supposed to leave your bike. You can’t bring it into the office, but you need somewhere safe and secure to leave it. What do you do? Chain it to the railings? Again, not ideal. Why not order in some cycle shelters to provide safe storage out of the elements.

Both of these options are simple low cost solutions that can have a huge impact on your workplace. It really doesn’t take much, in terms of budget or effort to adapt your office to cater for these or other trends. So take a look online and see just how cost effective and easy to assemble these shelters are. You can tidy up your workplace and keep your employees happy.

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