Is Staying-In the New Going-Out?

It’s Saturday night and… it looks like staying at home to save money is on the cards…AGAIN! It used to be only students who had to live on baked beans and cheese in order to save money for weekend revelries! The current cold reality for many folks is that frugality and cost-cutting are more of an everyday irk than ever; the upshot being that come 5PM Friday they’re ready to cut loose and indulge in some guilt-free jovialities!
… But it rarely pans-out that way, does it? Turning up at the local supermarket – money-off vouchers in hand and discount codes noted –  can ultimately prove fairly redundant when those saved pennies (plus a few extra!) disappear on the coming weekend’s treat splurge. Cue the crushing guilt!
The answer… Find better discount codes? Perhaps, OR focus on the bigger picture – staying at home two weekends out of every four could prove incredibly financially worthwhile in the long run. Consider these at-home events to keep party-lust at bay!

Swap Shop
Not necessarily just one for the girls to trade last year’s Mango trench coat for that Cath Kidston teapot they’ve been eyeing for years! Themed swap nights are thrifty, beneficial to all and have the potential to be brilliant fun.
Although it took them a while to get into the idea, more men than ever are warming to premise of swap nights covering everything from DVD’s and tools to comic books and car parts!
Everything from toys and cutlery to money-off vouchers and furniture can be traded; but be sure to be clear about the rules. The classic regulation being that nobody leaves with more than they arrived with.

Bring Your Own (B.Y.O) Party
The standard B.Y.O party requires every guest to arrive with a food dish and drink to be shared. Setting a budget is perhaps the best way to keep costs down and make sure nobody feels screwed-over by the fact they shelled-out £50 on sushi when others arrived with a £3.99 slab of chocolate. Add a theme into the mix too, e.g. B.Y.O DVD, B.Y.O board-game etc.

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