How to Write a Professional Screenplay

Many writers have different writing processes. Some like to write screenplays on a computer, on their cell phones, in their journals or even on the back of napkin. However, when submitting a script to an agent, a production company, literary manager or a writing contest then they must submit a script with a professional layout and format. Experts in the writing industry will ultimately dismiss a script that is not up to the expected standards.

It is also vital a writer ensures they only submit a screenplay that they believe is good enough to be produced. Therefore, it is imperative that a writer understands their genre, the wants and needs of their characters, have well-rounded character arcs, a relatable protagonist, entertaining dialogue that pushes the narrative and a story with a beginning middle and end. While this all sounds simple enough, many writers fail to incorporate these key components when developing a professional screenplay.

A writer must understand their characters and believe that their actions are honest in relation to their personality. They should also ensure they create the right atmosphere when writing dramatic scenes, and ensure they have exciting inciting incidents that leave an audience wanting more.

Script writing software can help ensure a writer submits a professional screenplay that has the best chance of being read by industry experts. Professional scriptwriting software can provide a writer with everything but the story and it is the writer’s choice to take their characters where they want them to go. Script writing software can help industry experts and beginners quickly develop a screenplay. Professional script writing software can help develop character profiles, keep dialogue consistent, structure scenes, build pace and provide a step by step plan for various genres.

While script writing software cannot guarantee that a professionally formatted screenplay will be produced, it can give writers the tools and the knowledge they need to be taken seriously in the writing industry.

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