How to get the best deal from your catering equipment supplier

Competition in the hospitality industry is fierce. Whether you’re running a cafe, a restaurant or a hotel any competitive advantage you can steal over your rivals, no matter how small, is vital to the success of your business. Catering equipment represents a significant cost to any business in this industry. However, controlling costs and getting best value is more complicated than just haggling with catering equipment supplier for cheaper deals on key items.

Firstly, you want catering equipment that is durable and reliable, so choose a brand you can trust. You don’t want things wearing out and breaking down, costing you more money longer term and maybe damaging your reputation with your customers. The Internet is a great source of products reviews, so before you commit to any major purchases, make sure you’re buying equipment that is trusted and recommended by others.

When you’re dealing with catering equipment suppliers, make sure you ask them about warranties and guarantees that come with the products they supply. It’s often best to sign up to some sort of servicing contract to avoid expensive repair bills. Make sure you keep hold of all your paperwork, so if you do need to call upon this service you can do so without any problems and hassles.

How big is your budget? As a savvy entrepreneur, you want to make sure you get the best equipment you can afford to buy at a low price. So shop around. There are plenty of suppliers out there, so don’t just go with the first one you find. Again, use the Internet to do your research and compare prices.

If things go well, your business is going to grow and expand. Plan ahead. Allow for additional capacity, otherwise you’ll have purchase more equipment unnecessarily when things really start taking off.

Think about the fuel efficiency of the equipment you choose, how easy it is to use and how much space you have. With some careful planning, price comparisons and negotiation, you’ll get yourself a great deal.

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