Encourage staff to cycle in with safe secure storage areas.

Getting to work can be a real mission. Especially if you work in a big city like London. You could drive in, but unless you leave stupidly early, you’ll end up stuck in horrendous traffic jams for hours. Some days just arriving at work seems like an achievement in itself. Never mind actually doing something positive once you’ve got there. Public transport is the better option, but even then you have to put up with crowded conditions. If you leave at the the start of the tube line or the bus route, you might get a seat. If you get on later on the journey, it’s standing room only. So no wonder more people are choosing to cycle in. It’s green and good for you. Those miles spent cycling into work soon add up.

So why not think about making the office a bit more bike friendly. What sort of arrangements do you have for bicycle storage? If we all encourage more people to cycle, we could make a real impact on the pressures of the more and evening rush hours. It only takes some simple racking to create a storage area where people can leave their bikes. Try to give any bicycle racks you put together a bit of shelter, so your staff don’t have to jump on sopping wet bikes at the end of the day. Make sure they are in a secure area too. Even with bike locks on , bicycles are targeted by thieves, who can cut through them with bolt cutters. So think if you have suitable space where bikes can be stored safely. Your staff who cycle will really appreciate your efforts and they might be joined by curious colleagues who want to be the jams and the overcrowding they experience every morning and evening. You could help kick start a transport revolution!

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