Save on the Cost of Driving

There was a time when buying a fuel efficient car would have earned you a reputation of being a holier than thou tree-hugger, a reputation that was perpetrated by those with a love for powerful cars and to whom vehicles were a symbol of status, power and personality. However, many of these same people are now eating their words as power and torque are being passed over for economical efficiency by more and more people.

With fuel prices rising more and more all the time, people are now not just seeing the environmental benefits of such energy efficient vehicles, but also seeing the personal benefits, and with the cost of driving becoming almost impractical for some, the majority of people are starting to look for ways to cut down on driving costs.

However, buying smaller cars and those designed to be more economic is only one way to save money on the cost of driving. Fuel cards can also make a huge difference on the amount that people pay for fuel, and whilst it may seem they are limited to those companies or individuals with a huge fleet of cars, fuel cards can often be used by individuals too.

Whilst a fleet card has a huge range of benefits for businesses, including the reduced cost of fuel itself, other fuel cards may be able to save individuals a great deal of money too.

Of course, for companies, a fleet card makes a great deal of sense, but this shouldn’t stop them from overlooking the potential to simply reduce trips too. Encouraging pool cars and shared lifts can save both companies and individuals money, and as the cost of petrol rises, with public transport still seriously lacking, people are far more likely to jump at the chance of sharing lifts.So remember, just because the cost of petrol is rising, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save on the cost of travel.

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