Out of Africa

The allure of films such as Out of Africa – which won a huge number of awards upon its release – are down to many different things, but what draws people most of all to tales about that fantastic continent is simply the fact that it is so different to anything we know.

The majority of us will never have visited the heart of Africa and therefore our knowledge of this mysterious place will come predominantly from books and their big screen adaptations. However, whilst the lure of such films remains large, few people realise how easy it is to discover the fascinating land for themselves.

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller and in turn the cost of African Safari holidays are far less than they used to be meaning that they are now accessible to general holidaymakers and not simply those big game hunters splashing out on an experience of a lifetime. The experience that Safari Holidays offer will be unlike any other type of holiday and give those taking part the freedom to truly ‘experience’ something as opposed to simply having time to relax somewhere warm.

People have worried about Safari holidays in the past simply due to the fear of being in such close proximity to dangerous wild animals as well as simply misunderstanding the culture of such places. In reality though, African Safari holidays are extremely safe, well plotted experiences that simply take you to the heart of Africa and show you the sights that make it so unique. From the wildlife and landscape through to the people and culture, when you finally fly back out of Africa, you won’t just have had a break, but you will have undoubtedly been changed in a unique way, and finally understand why tales of this amazing place appeal so much to all of us.

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