Wood flooring receives praise

Wood flooring is a popular choice among UK homeowners and, according to one source, it is very easy to maintain and clean, which may be one of the reasons why people like it so much.

Commenting on the issue, Ecora suggested that oak flooring may be a particularly good choice because it is also “warming underfoot” and a natural choice for older buildings. The firm stated: “Wood floors are one of the hardest working materials and can last for centuries.”

It also noted that in order to get the most from such flooring, it is important for consumers to choose a style of product that is right for their individual style of property. It suggested that block wood flooring can look particularly impressive in older buildings and will last for a lifetime.

The company added: “When selecting wood floors for an older property consideration needs to be made to the colour and pattern variations available as there are many options available including light, dark and exotic timbers.

“A lighter choice such as oak, maple and larch may be a better option in a small room as the floor will reflect light back into the space making it appear larger. Larger spaces give the opportunity to use wider and darker or more dramatic woods such as American walnut, smoked oak or plantation raintree.”

When people are selecting the type of product they want, whether they eventually opt for oak flooring or anything else, they are generally advised to follow their own personal tastes. After all, it is they who will be living with the finished product.

Thankfully, it is easier to source great wood products these days than ever before. Many individuals opt to do so online, as this can be quicker and in many cases cheaper. Also, it can provide them with a greater level of choice.

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