Avoiding ATMs Abroad

When heading away, either travelling or simply on holiday, the chances are that you won’t want to take a huge bundle of money with you. After all, should you lose that money, or find it is stolen, this can leave you in a whole heap of trouble, not only ruining a good proportion of your time away, but also possibly leaving you totally stranded.

Travellers cheques can be useful instead, but these can offer their own share of frustration and cause not only wasted time and effort, but also can simply leave you spending more as the foreign exchange rates change.

Using ATMs may seem like the most sensible option for many, leaving you as in control of your money as you would be at home, but not only can you end up with a terrible rate for the foreign currency you receive, but you will no doubt be charged excessive fees every single time you use an ATM.

One of the best options for those who travel to a country regularly is to source foreign exchange in advance and open up a designated account that can be operated for free in the country you are heading to. Different banks will be able to offer different services and finding an account that can be used for free abroad should simply be a case of looking online, or even simply speaking to banks whilst you are abroad.

Getting foreign currency in bulk in advance also means that you will be able to ensure that you get the money at the very best exchange rate possible, and have it transferred to your account without paying huge fees, leaving your money safe, a weight taken off your mind and you far more firmly in control of how you get your money, what you spend and how you spend it.

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