Making Theatre More Accessible

Many people do not go to the theatre because of the way it is perceived. It is often the staple of middle class night’s out, night’s that can carry rather heavy costs, with expensive ticket prices, seemingly extortionate drinks prices and, in certain cases, content that some people simply can’t relate to.

After all, musicals aren’t for everyone and meanwhile the cost of London theatre tickets certainly isn’t for those looking for fun on a budget. However, perception is all this is. In reality there is a huge range in terms of the types of shows that can be seen, even in the bigger West End theatres, whilst discount theatre tickets can be found for both young and old, through specific schemes or simply by booking in advance online.

Television has done a certain amount to help make theatre more accessible too. However, this has simultaneously had repercussions, as whilst reality TV shows have lead to increases in audiences attendance, it has very much cemented the notion in many people’s minds that theatre in the West End is simply about gimmicks and very commercial shows, not to mention about those hefty ticket prices.

In the end, theatre is indeed becoming more accessible in its own rights. More and more specialist shows are becoming commonplace, and whilst big names and discount theatre tickets are drawing a certain crowd, there still needs to be more done to assuage worries that theatre is aimed solely at the middle classes.

To break this notion, all people really need to do is a book a ticket and go and see for themselves, but reaching every demographic within the population to let them know there is something for them will still be a tough task. However, with record breaking sales being seen all the time, someone, somewhere must be doing something right.

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