Although we’re not having much of a summer weather-wise, during the summer months it is easy to forget how dark it can be in the winter. However, December will soon roll around and you will be feeling your way to the wheelie bin at 5pm just to put out the rubbish. This is where exterior lighting can come in handy. Besides actually being able to see what you’re doing in the dark without the need for a torch, there are multiple other benefits to having outside lighting for your home.

A second major advantage of having exterior lighting is the security benefit that it brings to your property. Lights with motion detectors will instantly alert you to someone’s presence. Not just for warning you of intruders and trespassers, for genuine visitors, motion-sensing lighting will also help them to find their way to your front or back door without falling over any obstacles which might be in the way. Security lighting has a limited range of options as it usually uses floodlights and has a practical rather than decorative purpose.

Finally, having outside lighting is great if you’re prone to having barbecues or garden parties that go on until the wee small hours. Even if you’re having an indoor party, the smokers in the group may need to step outside from time to time and would perhaps appreciate having a little light on the proceedings. While security lighting is often simple in design, decorative lights are available in many more options, from attractive lanterns to coloured ground lights. Ground lights in particular are also fantastic for illuminating a driveway so you can guide your car in more easily when coming back after dark. These can be an excellent guideline if your drive is a bit of a tight squeeze.

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