Duct Cleaning Swindles

On channel 5 last night presently there was a program called Dateline. The discussion was regarding many of the common scams people come across concerned with a daily basis. Can you guess the things one of scams were that can be so prevalent across America? You actually guessed it is those unscrupulous air duct cleaning outfits who offer those $99 specials. They did the whole expos? with hidden cameras and a confrontation from Chris Hansen. Chris Hansen is that guy who does the other Dateline specials called To Catch A Predator. If you ask me I thought the whole production had an awful lot of value shining a bright light on these ridiculous scams. I do believe these guys are hurting our industry so it is actually good to get rid of them if at all possible. Let’s take a look at how the show went down.

First they started off with other smaller scams being perpetrated across the land. Up first they had a gentleman who was bilked out of nearly $60,000 just by a palm reader who insisted good news was just referring to the horizon. Just by no means am I perfect but when you are spending that kind of money concerned with predicting the future it doesn’t take a genius to see financial ruin in your life. The next one was concerning a therapist who is helping women with emotional issues relating to abuse while he concealed the fact that he was an actual sex offender himself. As you can imagine presently there was not at all a whole good deal of good advice being given. They closed the show with the dreaded scourge of our society which is better known as the $49 air duct cleaning special. The poor unsuspecting fools owned a Duct Masters business in Virginia. Two young gentlemen showed up for the $49 special and once they got to work they told the homeowner a complete job was not actually possible for the full $49 but if she wanted the job done right it would cost upwards of $400. Their reasoning was that the ducts had quite a lot of soot which needed to be sealed with a chemical. Just by simply looking at the hidden cameras you actually can know that these guys did little to nothing when it came to actually cleaning the air ducts for this customer. In fact, they were even caught concerned with camera just spraying it in the air so the older would be apparent to the homeowner. This particular is truly awful. If you actually happen to be the person paying for this scam I am sorry.

When it comes down to it unfortunately several people are out there looking to take advantage of the innocent. If you really ask me I would say the world doesn’t have to be like this particular but it truly could be too late. One of the best ways you actually can avoid these types of scams is from reviewing the Internet for current reviews. You can’t hide for long if you actually are offering one of these scams as the word will spread before you actually already know it. Your local Better Business Bureau offers some guidance as well. You really can also go with the tried and true method of basing your decision referring to your gut. There is certainly the old saying that if something seems too good to be true you can bet that it typically is not true. I think you will already know when you really offer made the right decision because you just know.


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