Short cuts Vancouver roofing companies can make

Vancouver roofing contractors must follow a plan that is standard roofing practice as well as follow the guidelines from the product manufacturer. The reason for taking shortcuts on your roof is obvious, the first being that the roofing company gets the opportunity to save money. The second is saving time especially if your home is over a certain age this could be an issue.

Flashing which is the metal on your roof can be extremely difficult to remove and replace. Heritage houses have lived through various building codes and rules of construction. Dealing with flashing can be difficult on these homes because they sometimes sit under extremely fragile stucco or might not have any flashing at all. Due to the fact that your roof might be leaking due to damaged or inadequate flashing means that taking this shortcut can cause more damage than good. In some circumstances removing or installing new flashing can cause more damage than good but this does not mean you need it. In this situation, some out of the box thinking is needed to cater to your home but if the roofer is lazing or trying to save money then you are probably going to have leaks in the short term

Underlay sits between the shingle and the deck of your roof and is not seen by the naked eye once the roof is completed. If you do not watch the process of your new roof is installed and you are not aware of how to inspect your roof then you cannot be absolutely sure that the underlay was installed at all. Although this does not save a roofer that much money it has been known that some roofing companies might take the risk and time.

Going over the top is illegal and no roofing product will give you a warranty if you hire a Vancouver roofing company to participate in this practice. Make sure your old roof is taken off and stripped down to the deck, this is a fire hazard and reduced the life expectancy of your roof by a large period. Generally, this shortcut is taken with the homeowner’s consent and is pretty hard to hide if done the homeowners consent and is pretty hard to hide if done


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